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A 4-week online yoga and coaching experience for women in healthcare  

This program is for you if you're ready to:

  • Master tools for releasing stress and anxiety from your body so that you have the energy to pursue the things you love 

  • Overcome patterns that are keeping you stuck so you can bring your vision for yourself to life

  • Learn the right way to rest so that you can serve your patients and clients from a place of replenishment instead of depletion

  • Get to know your true self on a deeper level so that you can move forward at work AND in your personal life with confidence and clarity

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Years ago when I was working in healthcare I found myself overwhelmed by the demands of inpatient care and completely unprepared for how to handle the stress of my job on top of the wants and needs of my personal life.  

I worked and studied, up-leveled my certifications, pursued clinical research, and attended extra trainings.  With each achievement I didn’t feel like I’d made it, instead I felt like I had to chase the next goal.

Eventually my nervous system short-circuited and my career took a massive detour.  

When I look back on that time, I know it could have gone differently.  So I have made it my mission to help all women in health care reimagine how they care for themselves.  


  • Get crystal clear on your vision for your health and your life

  • Understand what’s holding you back from making your vision a reality

  • Develop a rock solid plan for self-support that will get you through your toughest days

  • Learn the 7 types of rest and why getting your rest right is essential to the outcomes you desire 

  • Experience the power of holding space with like-minded women

  • Understand the external factors contributing to keeping you stuck and how to overcome them with confidence 

What's Included in Lead with Change:

  • Four weeks of online group yoga and coaching

  • Two classes per week via Zoom:

    • Class #1 - Community & Coaching

    • Class #2 - Movement & Integration

  • Lifetime access to class materials and videos



  1. Week One:  Dream Big 

    • Learn why your unique vision is so important and how getting clear on exactly what you want is the first step to making it a reality  

    • Understand the science behind why you’re feeling stuck  

    • Step out of survival mode with effective tools you can use everyday 


  1. Week Two: Navigate Interruptions

    • Examine the factors that are holding you back and take action to overcome them

    • Learn how planning for the worst can actually help you reach your goals

    • Practice evidence-based mindfulness techniques to get you through obstacles big and small


  1. Week Three:  Renew Your Energy

    • Understand the 7 types of rest and how to get the right kind of rest for YOU

    • Experience the power of active rest and sensory detox

    • Get to the bottom of sleep troubles


  1. Week Four:  Protect Your Progress

    • Develop a personal plan of action to harness the momentum you’ve created

    • Troubleshoot unexpected obstacles

    • Learn to set boundaries that will protect and elevate your energy

What people are saying.

“I can better control my reactions. I’ve built in time every day to take time for myself to practice what I’ve learned. And I’ve learned to breathe. I had definitely been ‘waiting to exhale’.”

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